Mar 262014
When We're Not Waiting

A few Sundays ago I heard a sermon on waiting. I’ve heard lots of these sermons in the past. But for the first time in my adult life, I encountered a sermon about waiting and realized I. wasn’t. waiting. Not for a proposal. A wedding. An acceptance letter. A graduation. Conception. Birth. A phone call to confirm death. Wisdom for a tough interpersonal situation. A job. A move. A house to sell. And then I didn’t know what to do. I felt a little guilty. And confused. And relieved. It’s amazing that even though I grew up in church, attended [...]

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Jan 292014
The Word Became Flesh

It’s 11pm and I can’t sleep. Which I find cruel. Because we laid down early. Determined not to squander this precious commodity we parents hold dear. But trying harder does no good. I don’t do well at night sometimes. I get all reflective and self-indulgent. I let my thoughts run wild. Some nights it’s the “what if’s?” Some nights it’s the “why me’s?” followed by the “who do I think I am for thinking my life is hard?” Some nights I relive past conversations, past deeds, past pride that I want to will away. I see myself through others’ eyes [...]

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Jan 202014
Because I Know Love is not Enough

I love my kids. More than I thought possible. Most of us do. It takes us by surprise, the sheer magnitude of this love. But this love? It’s not enough. And I know this. I know it doesn’t matter how fiercely I love my kids if they don’t know it. Experience it. Feel it. And I know they can’t know it if I don’t show them. And I know they won’t see it if I don’t show them in a way they understand. It’s easy to love our kids in ways that make sense to us and how we’re wired. [...]

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Jan 152014
8 Tips for a Big Move With Little Kids

DON’T DO IT! Oh, that isn’t helpful? Okay, let me try again. It’s not going to be easy but hey, sometimes we have no choice. I’ve been there, done that (once with an almost two year old and once with a 5 month old and four year old) so here are some tips that focus specifically on the kids’ aspects of moving. 1. Let Up on the Rules Consider allowing more screen time. Pull out the paper plates. Pick up some take out. 2. Keep Your Basic Rhythm Letting up on the rules will buy you some valuable time, but [...]

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Jan 102014
Lessons in Self-Care: Embracing Convenience

I enjoy convenience as much as the next person. But convenience comes with a cost. Usually a financial or health cost. Therefore, our family usually ditches convenience for cloth diapers and healthy(ish), inexpensive meals. But you know what? Sometimes something’s gotta give. Earlier this year I was feeling quite overwhelmed and realized I needed to practice self-care. Embracing convenience was where I started. Until the holidays were over, we used disposable diapers and quick, easy meals. Because you can’t practice self-care without clean diapers and food. Buying the diapers and food was the easy part. Not feeling guilty was harder. [...]

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Jan 082014
When You Can't Give 100%

Popular marriage advice says it’s not about both spouses giving 50%. Instead, each spouse should give 100%. And I think that’s great advice. But the thing is, sometimes you don’t have 100% to give. Or at least your 100% looks like a lot less than normal. And that’s okay. There have been times in our 10 years of marriage where we’ve both been able to give 100% and it’s been awesome. Marriage is a lot of fun when we’re able to give unreservedly. But there have also been times where one of us has had to pick up the slack [...]

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Jan 062014
Three Reasons to Live Simply

One of our family values is simple living. While living simply looks different for everyone, for us this means evaluating our finances, our stuff and our time on a regular basis. Are we living within our means? Does the stuff we have add or detract to our lives? Are we structuring our lives so we have time for what’s important? But why bother? What is the point of living simply? Here are three reasons we choose to live simply. 1. It’s Less Stressful Out of control spending is stressful. Who wants to worry about whether they can pay their bills? [...]

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