Mar 162012


I care about too much. What people think. What time it is (seriously, I hate not knowing what time it is). How my hair looks in humidity. So I’m grateful there are at least four things I don’t concern myself with.

1. Titles

Titles have never impressed me. I don’t care if you’re a president or a teacher or an actress or a pastor or a parent. I care about your character – who you are and how you treat people. Sometimes we base our level of interest in someone based on their title. But I’ve had non-parents give me great parenting advice, and I’ve known pastors who are anything but pastoral. 

2. Shopping

My mom would like to disown me for this, but I loathe shopping. Of any kind really, but especially for clothes or jewelry. We lived four blocks from the Magnificent Mile for over three years and I couldn’t have cared less.

3. A Spotless House

It’s not worth it. Period.

4. Raising a Robotic Child

Don’t get me wrong. I have felt jealous toward the family with several children under ten who all sit perfectly still in church pew. And I have cared too much about what others think of my parenting.

But, I don’t want my child to be a robot. I want her personality to shine through. Even if it means she will never sit still in church (her mom still can’t).


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  4 Responses to “Four Things I Don’t Care About”

  1. Totally there with you on the spotless house issue! I clean and I clean, understanding that with 3 kids in the house it will NEVER really be clean!

  2. No kidding!

  3. I hear you on so many of these things, namely shopping. I try to stay fashionable, but the actual act of going out to stores or worse, dealing with crowds on sales, just isn't worth it for me. Same with the spotless house, although I admit I just vacuumed right now because I'm expecting a friend over tomorrow. But as far as having everything look like a catalog, not for me.

  4. Yes, sales are the worst! A crowd can be fun if I'm able to relax and people watch. Before having a child I occasionally enjoyed observing the craziness of a big Chicago event. But having to DO something like shop a sale or watch my child in a crowd? No thank you.

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