Mar 212012


(To the tune of Going to the Chapel…)

Going to the doctor and we’re going to step on the scale.
Going to the doctor and she’s going to listen to your heart.
Going to the doctor and she’s going to look in your ears.
Going to the doctor today.

A couple weeks ago I suspected my daughter had an ear infection so we made the hour long trek to her doctor’s office (don’t ask why it’s so far away, long story). She wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t thrilled to be in the car. So I sang the above song to her the Whole. Way. There.

Not only did it keep her happy in the car but she cooperated beautifully at the office. Her pediatrician even commented that she did unusually well for someone her age.

And this is why I make up songs. About brushing teeth, our routine, getting in the car seat and sharing toys. She loves music and knowing what’s expected of her, so it makes things easier much of the time. 

When people hear my made up songs (because my daughter insists I sing them in public as well) they probably wonder if I’ve spoken to an adult in the last month. But hey, it keeps us all just a little more sane. And sanity with young children is hard to come by. So I’ll take it.

Do you have any tried and true ways to keep your family sane? 


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