Apr 252012

I have a hard time letting people close to me hurt.

This is bad.

Watching my husband, my brother, my friend struggle breaks my heart. I want to say something so loving, so grace-infused that their spirits slowly and steadily rise and the hurt disappears. 

But I’m not their fixer. I’m their wife, sister, friend. And the most loving and grace-infused thing I can do when they’re hurting is to let them hurt just as they let me hurt when I’m struggling.

If only discipline came as easily as knowledge.

So I sit. And I wait. And I pray. And I let be.

And I dread the day I’ll have to let my daughter hurt.


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  1. I hope all goes well with whatever your family is experiencing. It's true though that the best we can be is a supportive role and allow others the chance to bring themselves up. Hope all is better soon, hun.

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