Apr 272012

How well do you know yourself? What motivates you? What drains you?

Dan and I have taken several self-assessment tests over the last few years. Between our schooling and applying for pastoral jobs we’ve had our fill of Myers Briggs, StrengthsFinder, DISC, spiritual gifts inventories, etc.

While these assessments are just a guide, we’ve found them to be surprisingly accurate. And the explanations that come with them often put words to something we knew existed but couldn’t explain.

The more we know about the unique way God made us, the more we understand how to interact with others. The more we understand our hang ups, the easier it is to avoid passing these same hang ups onto our kids.

For instance, as an INTJ, emotional support isn’t my strong suit. Since I know that, I make sure that when someone is upset I don’t immediately jump in with solutions. Knowing myself makes me more emotionally available to others.

I know I’ll mess her up. Parents always mess their kids up in one way or another. But knowing my strengths and natural blindspots makes me a more intentional parent, a parent who will hopefully mess up her kid less.

What about you? Have you taken a self-assessment test? Has knowing yourself helped you parent better? 

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  2 Responses to “On knowing yourself and therefore messing up your kids less”

  1. I have never taken a test, but I do think knowing ourselves does definitely help. Knowing our strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies makes me more aware. My husband and I talk about it a lot…largely because we came from vastly different backgrounds so it has forced us to talk more than maybe we would have. It is so helpful…I've thought of taking a test, but never have.

  2. Dan and I talk about these things a lot too. You should take an assessment when you get a chance. You know, with all your spare time :). Myers Brigg and StrengthsFinder are the ones I recommend the most. You can do a Myers Brigg assessment for free online. You have to buy the book for StrengthsFinder but it's an excellent tool.

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