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These next two weeks are going to be crazy around here. Dan is very busy at work. I have some projects I need to finish up before we travel to my brother’s wedding. And my daughter is fighting a cold.

We can’t do everything, always (or ever). And on particularly busy weeks, it’s good to know what gives you a high return.

So around the house my mantra is kitchen and clothes. Keeping the kitchen clean yields a high return because it allows for easy meal prep and prevents a general health hazard. 

Washing clothes keeps us from frantically searching for something to wear before heading out to church or the grocery store. And clean clothes will be a big relief when packing for the wedding.

What won’t happen? Well, there’s no way I’m going to vacuum this week unless there’s a colossal spill. The return just isn’t worth it. Now, if I had a baby who put everything in her mouth, the baby not choking would certainly be a high return. As it is, my daughter declaring, “the floor is mess” is something I can get over. 

I also won’t dust or do any deep cleaning this week. Just this morning, I shut the guest room door instead of picking up the remnants of my daughter’s bean table that she’d spread everywhere.

Personally, I’ll do my best to get a good night’s sleep and prepare and eat simple, healthy(ish) meals. I’m so much more productive when well rested and well fed. That said, I’ll likely let a less than ideal meal slip in this week. And we aren’t choosing to participate in screen free week (though I do think it’s a great idea) because I’m definitely going to rely on an episode or two of SuperWhy to get things done.

But what gives me the highest return on busy weeks is intentionally making time to spend with my family. Most weeks I don’t have to be super intentional about spending time with my family. My daughter and I spend all day together and there’s plenty of quantity and quality time. Dan and I love to hang out and make it a priority. 

But especially busy weeks require me to slow down and remember that one of the highest returns of all is prioritizing my family: snuggling with my daughter, reading books as a family and taking time to talk with my husband about something other than work and kids. Housework, work schedules and projects all pale in comparison to the privilege of being a family. Our families always yields the highest return.

What essentials do you focus on when you have a particularly busy week? What do you let fall by the wayside?


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  2 Responses to “Busy Week? Focus on High Returns”

  1. Like you said, food and laundry are pretty high up there. Sometimes though if it gets ridiculously busy, we'll eat out if it saves us the hassles of preparing food. We're pretty good about meal planning so we don't have to eat out often but it's nice to know there's that option.

    Things like putting away stuff is low on my list, like if there are books on the floor it's not a huge deal.

  2. Yes, we have more toys and books on the floor than usual…

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