May 142012

The other night, after tucking our daughter into bed and giving her a kiss on her cheek, she very pleasantly announced, “Just go mommy.” She then turned over, closed her eyes and readied herself for sleep.

I quietly got up and left the room, closing the door behind me. Closing the door on my baby turned little girl. My little girl, who just like her mama, knows what she wants and is willing to tell you. My little girl, whose confidence will scare some off but carry her far. My little girl who, at merely two-and-a-half, is showing signs of fierce independence.

And I will celebrate it. I will allow myself a moment of sadness for how fast she’s growing up. But I will not deny her, her right to be done snuggling and ready for sleep. I will encourage her confidence. I will celebrate her independence. I will look at her with the understanding that one of her jobs is to grow into a woman who is comfortable with how God made her. I will raise her to pleasantly tell me, “just go mommy.”


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  1. Oh, this is SO important. There are times when my four-year-old wants me very near still. Other times, though, he’ll say, “Mommy, Go.” It is easy to feel slighted and a bit offended even, but isn’t that what we are raising them for? To NOT need us?

    Bittersweet moment for a Mommy, isn’t it?

    • It is bittersweet because that’s exactly what we’re raising them to do. But I don’t mind a bit when she decides she wants to snuggle. :)

  2. Growing pains indeed! It’s insane how quickly they grow and desire their own independence. Along with “just go mommy” there’s “I do it.”

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