May 252012

Kids mess up. A lot. They forget the rules. Or deliberately ignore them. They throw tantrums at really inconvenient times.

Kids mess up because they’re kids. Because they’re human.

And I want my kiddo to know that my worth is not tied to her behavior. That I will strive not to be embarrassed when she melts down in public. Because melting down makes her human; it doesn’t make me a bad mom.

Besides, when we react to our kids out of embarrassment or with our worth all mixed up in it, we tend to react poorly.

Someday the stakes will be higher. She’ll grow up and her choices will have life-altering consequences. She’ll make decisions about education. And money. And sex. And relationships. And I want my one-day big kid to know that my worth is not tied to her behavior.

And neither is hers.


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  6 Responses to “On Worth and Kids Being Kids”

  1. Great post, very important for all stages of life

  2. Often good kids are a reflection of great parenting, but that doesn’t mean that when they misbehave that the parents are terrible. The kids are simply being their normal selves. Great topic!

    • Kid’s behavior can certainly reflect parenting skills but I think it gets dangerous when parents start tying their worth into their kid’s behavior. That’s a sure way to give a kid a complex. :)

  3. Steph, this blog site is REALLY good!

    I’ll be sure to keep up on it :-)

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