Jun 082012

Do you ever find yourself judging someone else for their preferences or personality? I’m not talking about issues of morality but of simple preferences.

Recently I overheard someone exclaim, “How can you not like chocolate?!” as if not liking chocolate was a personal offense to the one questioning. This person went on and on trying to convince the other person of the wonders of chocolate.

I’ve experienced this kind of incredulity over my preferences as well. I don’t like surprises. This may seem strange. And you might love surprises. One of the best days of my mom’s life was her surprise 50th birthday party. She ate it up.

But I still don’t like surprises. And the thought of being thrown a surprise party tops my list of things that make me want to run away and hide. Consider this a public service announcement never to throw me one. :)

But the point is, I’ve had people vehemently argue with me about my dislike for surprises. And, if I’m honest, I’ve wondered about people’s preferences too: for food, friendships and experiences. Maybe instead of wasting our time thinking, talking or arguing about others’ likes and dislikes we should celebrate our differences. Because the world would be pretty boring if no one liked surprises.

So I will gladly bring a gift to your surprise party, enjoy the look on your face and be super glad it wasn’t thrown for me.

Do you find that other people are surprised by your preferences? Do you ever find yourself trying to argue someone into changing their preferences?


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  7 Responses to “Everybody’s Different or Why I Really, Truly Don’t Ever Want a Surprise Party”

  1. Duly noted! ;) I’m good with surprise parties, as long as I’m told in advance to shower and put on more than sweatpants and my Powerpuff Girls t-shirt. hehe

  2. My husband has made me ‘vow’ to never throw him a surprise party! I am okay with surprises in certain circumstances. But I have to be really comfortable with the people doing it or I don’t react at all. And that’s kind of a bummer…

  3. Add me to the list of those who don’t like surprise parties. At least for me. I’m not big on attention, and as much as I love big parties, even surprise parties, I can’t imagine enjoying one for myself.

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