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I do not enjoy housework and I don’t particularly enjoy cooking. I don’t even enjoy organizing all that much after a few hours. (And there have been plenty of times our house has reflected this. :))

I know people who like doing dishes. They find it relaxing. I find it hot and tedious. For some, cooking is an art form. I get the I-want-to-cook-as-an-art-form itch about twice a year. Some people think organizing is the best thing ever. I see it as a means to an end.

I didn’t choose to be a stay-at-home mom because I enjoy keeping house.

Among many other reasons, I chose to be a stay-at-home mom because I wanted to hang out with my daughter more than working would allow me to.

That said, keeping house is sort of necessary. And since I am home much more than Dan, most of it falls on me. Gone are the days when Dan and I would play Uno for who did the dishes (though he does still help out a lot).

And while I don’t particularly like many housekeeping duties,

I like having cleaned


I like having cooked


I like having organized.

Because a clean house and a hot meal and the ability to find things when you need them leads to what is really important to me: a home that’s a safe place. A place of calm. A haven.

And since I don’t really find pleasure and satisfaction in most acts of housekeeping, realizing why I do it keeps me motivated.

I clean because there’s nothing more refreshing than walking into a kitchen with lots of empty space on the counter. Because I like getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night without worrying about tripping over clothes on the floor. Because it makes our lives easier.

I cook because healthy home-cooked meals are beneficial for our finances and bodies. Because we feel better when we put in more fruits and vegetables and less sugar. Because it makes our lives better.

I organize because I despise not being able to find a piece of paper when I need it. Because clutter leads to chaos. Because it makes our lives simpler.

And easier, better, simpler lives leave a lot more room for the good stuff. For the bedtime stories, the trips to the park, the reading, the writing, the talking. I clean and I cook and I organize to make room for the good stuff.

So in the future I’ll be sprinkling in some practical posts about cleaning and cooking and organizing. Not because I’m particularly passionate about the topics but because I’m passionate about making room for the good stuff.

Do you enjoying housekeeping? What motivates you in the areas of cleaning, cooking and organizing?


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  4 Responses to “Housekeeping Confessions”

  1. Cleaning is like exercise for me; I dread it, hate doing it, but once it’s done, I’m all the more happier for it :)

  2. Aargh, you knew what I was going through today, didn’t you? I literally shed tears over how irate I was looking at dishes carelessly piled up in my sink – a huge pet peave of mine. And the thought that I had just meticulously cleaned this kitchen and it never lasts. Could someone else PLEASE put a dish away?!?!

    I think I’m on hormone overload lately – but maybe not. I’m genuinely upset about this and have to pack and plan other things right now. Sooooo, I’m leaving the dishes.

    • Housework has been known to bring me to tears too…usually because I’m overwhelmed with how much still has to be done and how quickly things deteriorate. I hope your day gets better and you get everything you need to done.

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