Jun 292012

I know life isn’t black and white. I’m painfully aware of how quickly situations become complicated.

Knowing the right thing to do isn’t always easy.

Yet, often we do know.

From the get go, deep down inside we know what to do. But we’re paralyzed by fear. We justify our inaction by citing the possible outcomes: loss of income, family strife, anger or misunderstanding headed our way. We may look around and see no one else doing the right thing.

And we’re scared. We wonder. We question. We doubt.

Let’s stop second guessing and start rejoicing when the path we should take is clear. Though a clear path doesn’t imply an easy path, we aren’t called to easy. We’re called to do the right thing.


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  2 Responses to “When in Doubt, Do the Right Thing”

  1. I don’t know what the right thing is, but I often know what my gut feeling tells me. I heard great advice that the reason to trust your gut feeling is because you can analyze the heck out of any situation; either case can present an argument for or against it, and logic itself isn’t always so helpful when making decisions. Your heart knows a bit better though.

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