Jul 252012

My daughter’s self portraits (jumping on one foot in the second picture)

I’ve always said that crafts aren’t my thing. VBS and camp crafts made me want to run away and hide. (They still do.)

But this week there have been crafting supplies scattered throughout every room of my house. And I’ve had an epiphany. It’s not that I hate crafts. It’s that I’m not a fan of don’t-touch-anything-until-I-tell-you-exactly-what-to-do-and-how-to-do-it crafts. I learned early on that my attempts would not produce perfection. So I stopped trying.

But my daughter knows not about perfection. She goes through our scrap paper with a vengeance. Pictures of Mommy and Daddy and herself. And snakes and octopuses and doors and birds and lots and lots of birthday cakes. And then she asked me to cut the paper into receipts so she could sign them when playing store. And then she wanted to take those receipts and make bracelets. No, it’s not the crafts that are the problem. It’s the adults. And our ideas of the right way to do things.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with you. I never lasted long in “organized crafting” but by myself and now with my daughter, I really enjoy it. Livi just started showing an interest in Crayons, which has been really exciting. I can’t wait until she actually starts to draw something. Your daughters’ drawings are great, by the way. :)

    • Glad she’s showing an interest in crayons. It’s so much fun to watch them start enjoying more activities.

  2. Yes!! But I loved how you put it. Actually, this weekend I am going to be switching things around, because I need to have the safe craft stuff more accessible. Love your epiphany. My sun is really into drawing trees and clouds, and animals.

    • I just put our crafting supplies into a lower spot where my daughter can reach them easily. There’s more clean up involved but drawing can engross her for quite a while.

  3. Your daughter made those drawings? And she’s only turning three in a few months? Steph that’s pretty advanced stuff she’s doing! Usually kids don’t draw like that until 4-6 years old I believe. Looks like crafts is her thing!

    • Yeah, she keeps surprising us with how advanced she is with drawing. She’s definitely going to out-craft her mama. :)

  4. amen, amen, amen I couldn’t agree more:)

  5. Oh yes, I’m guilty of the “here, let me show you” instead of just letting them create on their own. I’ve grown with them. :)

  6. [...] that I’ve moved her crafting supplies to an easy-to-reach shelf, drawing is an everyday occurrence around here. She’s [...]

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