Jul 262012

While I can’t say marriage is always easy, I can say that I love being married. There are numerous reasons why, but here are four I’m thinking about right now:

1. I don’t have to say goodbye

We all say goodbye a lot. To our extended family after a visit. To our friends after church. Someday I’ll say goodbye to my daughter after visiting her home. I hated saying goodbye to Dan when we were dating. But I don’t have to say goodbye to my husband. Because he’s coming home. Night after night after night he’s laying right there beside me. And I love that.

2. I can be myself

I’m an introvert and sometimes feel like I have to flip a switch when I’m with other people. I feel like I have to push myself to be more outgoing. To smile more. To be what others might expect me to be. But at home, with my husband, I’m just me. I’m relaxed knowing that this person who knows me better than any other person on this planet loves me anyway.

3. My husband encourages me to grow

While I can be myself with Dan, he still encourages me to mature. And what’s better than someone who you can be yourself with but also wants to see you grow in your relationship with Christ and others?

4. Our connection runs deep

We get to share things with each other that no one else does. Whether it’s the small things like stacking the dishwasher together each night or the big things like raising a child together, it’s a connection that goes deeper than any other.

What’s something you find awesome about marriage?

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  5 Responses to “Four Awesome Things About Marriage”

  1. I love these, too. Especially #1 – reminds me of our dating days and how we couldn’t wait until we didn’t have to say so many goodbyes after being together. Of course we’d just hop on the phone after he returned home. ;)

  2. After over 5 years of dating and living no where near each other since high school, saying goodnight feels a lot better than saying goodbye.

  3. I love that I get to see the side of my husband no one else gets to see. The compassionate side, the intelligent side, the romantic side, etc. I could keep going.

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