Jul 182012

Time and time again the experienced moms told me: don’t push potty training. Wait until she’s ready.

So we waited. Even though she could tell me every time she was using her diaper, she insisted she didn’t want to use the toilet. So I didn’t push. I waited.

And one day she told me yes, she did indeed want to use the toilet.

And she did.

Four weeks and very few accidents later, I’m extremely thankful to the experienced moms.

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  1. We have only potty trained one of our babes, and I’m hoping the next one will follow soon. I think that letting them get to the point where they want to use the potty is the best idea. A lot less tears anyways :-) As of now, my son usually wants to “use the potty” every time I change his diaper, which pretty much consists of him sitting on the toilet doing nothing for five seconds and then saying “done.” I guess we are going in the right direction though :-)

  2. Oh, yes, yes, yes!!! I totally am for “waiting for the child.” And YAYAYAYAY to the newly potty-trained little girl!! Woot…that is something to party about. :-)

  3. Thank you for this post! My son will be 3 in three months & we’ve been talking to him about going potty but never pushed it. I feel like it’ll just happen when he’s ready and I’m hoping that it’ll be soon! :)

  4. Thank you for writing this, because it’s proof that I don’t have to succumb to pressures at having my toddler potty-trained until he wants to. I also like how you wrote exactly what she said, so that there’s no ambiguity when it comes to knowing that yes, they in fact do want to use the potty.

    • Isn’t it rather funny that people get so worked up about whether or not your kids is potty trained?

      • Steph, I have a question about potty training your little girl. Was she walking around in undies already when she agreed to use the potty? Or was she still in diapers and from there wanted to use the potty? I’m so confused on this whole potty training business, and it doesn’t help when my kiddo wants little to do with it.

        • She was still in her diaper though we had undies lying around. We’d ask her if she wanted to go in the toilet instead of her diaper and she’d say “no.” When she finally said yes we made a big deal out of having her wear underwear and told her that we wear underwear instead of diapers when we go in the toilet.

          We also did a sticker chart with her after the first time she said yes. We didn’t want to bribe or push her into deciding she wanted to do it, but once she decided she was ready we wanted her to have some incentive to keep going (hence the underwear and sticker chart). After filling the sticker chart up, I didn’t print off another one so that only lasted a week or so.

          FYI, she does still wear diapers overnight but wakes up dry most mornings. We have a few packs of diapers left and when those are gone we probably won’t buy more.

          Does that help?

          • Yes, that’s a big help. I was curious to see if she was already wearing undies and you just waited for her to have accidents.

  5. Hooray! I have been so lax in potty-training my last babe. Think because he’s my last. But sometimes he uses the potty, sometimes not. And it doesn’t really bother me that all my other toots were trained by now!

  6. Thank you do much for sharing this. We have been pressured by both our parents to potty train and Livi isn’t even 1.5 years old yet. My husband is slowly giving in but I keep insisting that we should wait until she’s ready. So thank you for the reassurance.
    Actually, for us it has always been better for Livi to lead the way. It was like that with sitting, crawling, and walking, she always did it when she was good and ready and not before.

  7. Thanks for this short but poignant post. I don’t want to be in a potty training horror film. My daughter is 19 months. That means I have some time…right?

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