Aug 162012

I’ve been overwhelmed and deeply saddened recently by how many stories I’ve heard about unkindness. Adults being mean to other adults (in front of their children). Kids picking on other kids (mercilessly at times). Children being nasty to adults (often behind their backs so as not to get in trouble). Adults bullying children (and getting away with it). It seems like it’s everywhere. And it’s discouraging.

So I want to remind myself to be kind. To assume the best. To help instead of judge. To teach my child the importance of caring for others. Because I too can easily leave kindness behind. It’s easier to judge “those unkind people” than to encourage kindness in myself and my child. Maybe that’s why we have such a problem.

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  4 Responses to “A Reminder for Kindness”

  1. I have noticed when I am around those that bicker, I tend to act the same. Since I cannot avoid those situations, I am choosing to be mindful of my actions, which I trust will stop the domino effect and create a more peaceful atmosphere in our home.

    • “I am choosing to be mindful of my actions” A good reminder that just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean we can’t act differently.

  2. This is a nice reminder; often it’s so easy to snap and get angry. Every time I do that I feel terrible, because I imagine that that person is someone’s mom or brother or whoever, and I would hate for anyone to talk to any of my loved ones that way.

    • “I imagine that that person is someone’s mom or brother or whoever” That’s a good way to think abou it.

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