Aug 172012

I’ve written before about my firm belief in the importance of free play. Here’s what it’s looked like in our house lately.

Rolling bocce balls off the front porch (often while waiting for Daddy to get home from work).

Now that I’ve moved her crafting supplies to an easy-to-reach shelf, drawing is an everyday occurrence around here. She’s going through a phase where she only puts a line or a dot on a piece of paper and declares the paper unworthy of further use. The bad news is we’re going through scrap paper like crazy. The good news is I’m working my way through the rest of our college and grad school materials to find her more scrap paper.

One day our daughter handed us the masking tape and asked us to help her make a spider web. She loves running under, climbing over and finally destroying the spider webs.

Duplos are one of her new favorite toys. There’s always a tower or robot or birthday cake being built.


My kiddo has also instructed me to save all our receipts because she gets such a kick out of playing store and pretending to sign the receipt.

And what would free play be without a box to hide in?

What has free play looked like in your house lately?


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  1. LOVE free play! Making forts out of blankets and sheets; Legos (lots and lots of legos); blocks and cars made to look like a city, and so much more.

    And too funny that you are having to go through old papers to come up with scrap. I know the feeling!

    • Oh yes, forts are the best. Unfortunately I’m not that good at making them so they actually stay up. Dan’s great at it though.

  2. Adorable. Free play with four turns into a mix and match of all toys we own!! Hard to keep things neat and organized in their individual containers when they get bigger… The creativity is endless!

    • I imagine free play with four is a totally different world than what I’m used to. But like you said, the creativity must be endless as they bounce ideas off each other.

  3. Wow, that is so cool she plays store! My kiddo does pretend play but sometimes I don’t get what he’s pretending lol. For instance, yesterday he was playing with leaves and sticks and saying, “We’re going to dry the leaves right here, okay?” Maybe laundry?

    He’s also been into a ton of coloring, and now that we have coloring pencils, that too. And man I gotta try the masking tape game. He would love that!

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