Aug 022012

Nine years after we said “I do.” And I still love him.

But more than that, I still like him.

And I like that after nine years of marriage, I would still choose to hang out with him over anyone else.

I like him. For who he is. And for who he’s not.

Happy Anniversary, Dan. You’re still my best friend.


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  6 Responses to “I Still Like Him”

  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary, Steph and Dan! Here’s to several more years together.

  3. Yea! Happy Day! Ours is the 3rd!! Great month :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Being friends and actually liking your spouse is so important in a relationship!

  5. [...] a crazy month in my family. My two brothers and I all have birthdays within 10 days of each other. Dan’s and my anniversary is the day after my brother and sister-in-law’s. Throw in my other sister-in-law’s [...]

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