Aug 012012

Ha! I found this sign hilarious.

On paper, I’m a horrible candidate for a pastor’s wife. I don’t play the piano. Children’s ministry isn’t my thing. And I’m an introvert.

But boy do I love a good strategy meeting.

Sidebar # 1:

I don’t actually think I’m a bad pastor’s wife. But you wouldn’t believe how many future pastors I heard in Bible school and seminary (mainly Bible school, the population is younger) actually say they wouldn’t consider marrying someone who couldn’t play the piano or wasn’t interested in heading up a women’s ministry or whatever. Ridiculousness. Okay, mini-vent over.

Anyway, I’m currently on an ad-hoc committee at church to work on some policies. And this is my cup of tea. I get seriously excited about strategy and policy and writing and making life easier for people who make good candidates for pastor’s wives.

Which takes me to Google documents. If you are working on writing something on a team, Google documents is the way to go. Basically you put the document on the cloud through Google and grant access to everyone on the team. This way between meetings you have access to the document and can see the changes your editor is making.  You can make it so only one person has editing rights or so everyone does. So if everyone is working on a different section of the document, you don’t have to email and copy and paste and and do all sorts of finagling to get your document back together again. And it’s free. Which is especially nice if it’s for church.

Sidebar # 2

I’m not getting any kickback from Google for promoting Google documents. I’m just a little too unimportant in the blogging world for that. :) But, this month has seen more unique visitors to this blog than ever before. So welcome. And if you like what you’re reading, I’d invite you to stop by and like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Any thoughts on ministry, Google documents or random sidebars? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. I think you are a perfect Pastor’s wife!

  2. LOL!!! This cracked me up. And, yes, what is up with the whole “perfect pastor’s wife” thing? Seriously. I do actually play the piano, but I don’t currently play for church at all…and that has raised more than few questions. ;)

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