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Every once in a while I panic and wonder if I need to do something more formal when it comes to educating my daughter. Something more preschoolish. She’s very interested in letters so I considered doing something with more structure like a letter of the week program.

However, I almost always find it’s merely our routine that needs tightening up – formal learning can wait. But that certainly doesn’t mean learning doesn’t happen.

Here’s a look into all the alphabet fun that’s been taking place during the last few weeks:


I love this magnet set by leap frog. Our kiddo’s been going around the house singing, ” W says wuh, W says wuh, every letter makes a sound, W says wuh.”

The Alphabet Song

While she’s known them for quite some time, our kiddo is constantly singing her ABC’s. And now she’s added in the¬†SUPER WHY¬†version.

Environmental Print

This has been huge for us lately. Our daughter’s been asking us what various signs say, identifying large store-front letters and even gets interested in the letters on game boxes.

Simply Talking

While we were having a snack the other day, I mentioned to our daughter that apple starts with “A.” She then asked what else started with “A.” Pretty soon we were exploring all kinds of letters and the words that start with them.

What’s learning looked like at your place lately?

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  6 Responses to “Alphabet Fun”

  1. I agree! Kids will learn what they need to through real life as long as you are aware of pointing it out to them! Some kids like the “crafty” things in the pre-school programs, which is fine if they do, but it isn’t necessary for sure!

  2. Sounds like true education reform to me :)

  3. I’m lazy and can’t make a curriculum at all for my kid lol. What I did do recently though is get a preschool workbook just so that I have some material to go off of. So they’ll have stuff about shapes, and we color them in and talk about shapes. Same with letters and sounds and patterns. I think just talking about things in a casual way helps a ton.

  4. Placemats! They make TONS for someone your daughter’s age, and we’ve been using them for a long, long time. There’s something about getting to sit at the table and just talk about that stuff that takes the formal learning out of it and makes it fun :)

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