Sep 112012

During the summer, we keep the thermostat at 74 degrees overnight. I’m cheap so I really wish we could keep it warmer. But we’ve found we toss and turn if it’s any warmer. A good night’s rest won out over saving pennies.

But this morning as I walked groggily through the hallway and glanced at the thermostat it said 73. Woohoo! Fall is coming!

My grogginess turned to as-giddy-as-someone-like-me can get (hint: my giddiness looks like mild excitement to most :)).

As a girl who spent the first 26 years of her life in Michigan, Illinois and Massachusetts, these Alabama summers are a little much for me. The heat and humidity threaten to get me down all summer long.

But who cares? Because this morning my thermostat said 73. 73! Welcome, Fall.

How do you know fall is coming?

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  8 Responses to “How I Know Fall is Coming”

  1. Growing up in Texas, I knew fall was coming when it wasn’t 100+ degrees outside, lol. The sun starts to beam through the windows right at dinner time, meaning daylight savings will come to an end soon. The berries aren’t as plentiful either.

  2. The sky looks different. Seriously – if you look at it in fall, the blue sort of glimmers. I noticed it one year, and that’s what I always look for now :)

  3. Oh how I love fall! And the last couple of days there has been a very tiny feel of crispness. Not much, but something to look forward to!

  4. There are days where I’m teased into thinking that fall is here. It’s groggy outside, I actually didn’t have to sleep with a fan on and I don’t need my sunglasses to drive. But then Southern California summer comes back to remind me that it ain’t over yet; nope, not for a long while. Not when tomorrow will be 90 degrees and Friday 95, and that’s in the *cooler* part of town. Sigh… I would have to say that summer is my least favorite season, weather wise. I just don’t do well with the heat. My favorites are fall and spring by far.

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