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When  you have to explain to the 10th person in one morning why your child can’t have food with red dye. Or that you don’t put pictures of her on Facebook. Or the importance of your kiddo having his inhaler with him at all times. When the neighbor sees your cloth diapers hanging from the clothes line.

It’s really easy to become THAT mom. If you vary just slightly from the norms of your surrounding culture, all of a sudden you’re a troublemaker. You’re THAT mom.

In one place you’re THAT mom because you buy organic. In other places you’re THAT mom because you don’t.

We recently took our daughter off of gluten because we think some health issues are stemming from her gluten intake. I’ve already been gluten free for over six years, so it’s not that big of an adjustment. Except when we’re out. Instead of me quietly not eating or bringing my own food, I have to assert myself and make sure my daughter is kept safe.

My advice?

Try to keep it low key; don’t go around preaching or lobbying.

But stand firm on what’s best for your child. For the benefit of your family. For the safety of your child.

It’s not anyone’s job to be your child’s mother, but you. Decide where your non-negotiables lie (or where medical conditions insist they lie) and show your kids they are worth you being labeled THAT mom.

Oh, and use your experience to stop labeling THOSE moms.

Do you have any experience being THAT mom?

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  5 Responses to “When you’re THAT mom”

  1. I would say I became “that mom” when I refused to allow my child in public school read the literature books that were assigned and insisted on alternate appropriate books.

  2. I’m pretty abnormal in a lot of ways (and normal too, like you mention; it’s a bit of both). For me, the abnormal things I do is not really letting my kid watch TV, movies or play digital games. He also hardly eats junk food, although I am much more lenient about that now (he can have cake and some select treats). We’re also pretty strict with bedtimes, which is strange in my family where kids stay up just as late as adults. I’m sure I annoy the heck out of my family but they love me just the same :)

    • “I’m sure I annoy the heck out of my family but they love me just the same :)” A mark of a great family! I can say the same thing about mine. :)

  3. The events I wouldn’t go to because they fell at the same time as my son’s nap. Man, oh man, you’d think I was telling someone to get lost with expletives or something! “Sorry, we can’t make it. My son has to take his nap, or he gets very cranky.”

    Their response? “He can miss it for one day.”

    Uh, no. He can’t. The reason we never went through the Terrible Twos (or Threes!) was because his rest and feeding took priority over everything else. We planned around it.

    As he got older, we were able to let go a little more, but there’s a reason my kid was never the one running around birthday parties screaming his head off like a banshee on Red Bull.

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