Oct 192012

Yesterday evening was rough. We were all overtired and grumpy. Our kiddo took a nap and woke up even grumpier. And boy did she let us know how miserable she felt. And while I wanted to be upset with her for how she was acting, I kept reminding myself (out loud a few times), that she was acting out how all of us felt.

And yes, she needs to learn how to act appropriately even if she’s overtired and grumpy. But that’s the point, she needs to learn. And we need to teach her – patiently showing her that it’s okay to feel grumpy, but we still have to treat people well. Because there are days I still need to learn this…

Do you ever find yourself teaching your child and yourself at the same time?

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  1. And that’s where the patience of parenthood comes in. Man, there are some days when I wish I could tantrum right back at my kid, but then you realize that they’re entitled to feel that way too, they just don’t know how to express them in socially appropriate ways.

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