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Growing up, there were a few traditions surrounding decorating for Christmas that I’ll never forget: my parents initially disagreeing about where to put the tree, my brother and I racing to find baby Jesus in the nativity set and breaking out the 8-track tapes and records to play Carpenter’s Christmas music.

Now, I’m still not 30, so none of my friends knew what an 8-track was and none of them had working record players in their houses. But we did. And each and every year we’d search for where we’d left them last year. And we’d laugh and dance and decorate. And make fun of the outfits on the record covers.

While I’m sure they got me some great stuff, I don’t remember a single present my parents got me for Christmas growing up. But boy do I remember those 8-track tapes.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition from when you were little?


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  4 Responses to “Bring on the 8-track Tapes:The Ghost of Christmas Past”

  1. ahhh, good times. I forgot about trying to find baby Jesus

  2. Aw that’s so sweet. I think I remember two gifts my parents gave me, but for the most part I remember staying up really late for Christmas Eve and even walking to midnight mass along with every house in our area, like a massive nighttime parade. I remember decorating the Christmas tree with strings of popcorn, too!

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