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On Christmas Eve we made shortbread cookies. It was a whole family affair of mixing ingredients, rolling out dough and pushing down on cookie cutters.

It was also rather stressful. The ingredients went in fine. The mixing went well. The rolling and cutting? Not so much. Because our kiddo wanted to touch and tear and grab and move and explore. And shortbread cookies (especially gluten free ones) are not exactly three-year old friendly.

We found ourselves saying “no” a lot. And the activity was heading toward disaster. That is, until we gave our daughter her own roll of dough, wax paper and cookie cutters. While we made cookies the “right” way, she happily touched, tore, grabbed, moved and explored freely.

This activity reminded me why I don’t do much in the way of organized crafts. I’d rather hand my kiddo materials and let her learn on her own than stress out about gluing something in the right place or cutting something along the right line.

To relax. To enjoy her three-ness. To cultivate a love of learning and imagination. To let her create.

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  4 Responses to “Cookie Cutters, Shortbread Cookies and a Great Reminder”

  1. I do the same thing with my 2 yr old. My 5 year old can actually do it well (with some help), but with Olivia I just give her her own stuff, and it’s a mangled, disgusting disaster at the end… but she’s happy, so… :)

  2. Nice save with giving her her own dough. Sometimes I think the same thing with crafts and cooking and realize before I start that my kid will probably want to do this craft completely different from what it’s supposed to be. Usually he’s game to follow along, but I’m never surprised when he’d rather explore the glitter bottle than actually making marks with it on paper.

    • Yeah, see my kiddo is not usually game to follow along. She definitely has her own ideas about how things should be done. :) So I’m just rolling with it.

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