Jan 232013

Shoveling out our parking spot in Massachusetts

Now, full disclosure. It’s currently 43 degrees and sunny outside. Not exactly a huge impediment for heading outdoors (though native Southerners may think otherwise :)).


I have weathered my fair share of truly cold winters. Right now, my home town has a wind chill of negative six and is getting blasted with lake effect snow. My sister isn’t too happy that her school district was the only one in the area that didn’t cancel school today.

Chicago gave me the thrilling experience of riding the “L” on frigid days. And Massachusetts capped my experience off with nearly 80 inches of snow the winter before we left.

So, my advice for getting outside in the winter time?

Just do it.

It doesn’t need to be everyday or anything. But if you wait for perfection it’ll never happen. Because it’s never going to be easy to bundle kids up and then unbundle them as they track snow all over your house.

So, just pick a day with free time and a windchill that’s not dangerous and go for it. Have a picnic on a snow bank. Sled. Make snow angels. Have a snowball fight. Because your kids won’t remember how long it took to get dressed. Or how quickly everyone got cold and headed inside. They’ll simply remember you playing with them outside – even in the winter.

Do you have a favorite outside winter memory from childhood?



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  1. I take for granted the great weather we have here in California, especially when I think that 50 degrees is too cold to be outside. I guess it’s all relative. I think about all the people who brave the cold and laugh at how I can’t get myself to go outside in this “cold” weather haha.

  2. My favorite memory from my winter childhood days was sledding and ice skating on our neighborhood hill and creek. We would bundle up (usually looked like the Goodyear Tire man), stuff newspapers in our boots for insulation and wrap our feet in plastic bags to keep any water out that we might step in because of thin ice around the edges of the creek! It was crude, but fun!! That was when sleds had runners that you waxed, and half the fun was going through the woods dragging the sled all the way.

    I also remember my brother and I coming home frozen and dad allowing us to crawl under the covers with him to warm up! Brave Daddy!!

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