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Today I’m guest posting for Nina at Sleeping Should Be Easy. Here’s an excerpt:

Some people float pretty easily through the newborn stage. My transition to motherhood was a little more difficult. Now that we’re about to have our second kiddo this May, I’m preparing for the inevitable survival mode that accompanies precious snuggles, gummy smiles, sleepless nights and diaper changes at every feeding.

Thankfully, many moms with more than one child have assured me that the transition from one to two is less difficult than the transition from zero to one. After all, you’ve already done the newborn thing once and you’re already a parent so the concepts of the immense love you’ll feel, the incredible responsibility you’ll hold and the insatiable desire to sleep aren’t completely new.

Still, all babies need to eat a lot. And be changed a lot. And they aren’t exactly keen on your idea of a good routine. So what can we do to prepare for the survival mode of the newborn stage? Here are my preparation suggestions, whether your a first time mom or you’ve had a few goes at this already…

Head here to read the rest and join the conversation. And check out all the other great material on Nina’s blog as well!

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