Mar 062013


Our kiddo has been exercising her imagination for quite a while now. But lately she’s taken it to a whole new level. In the last week, she, Dan or I have been:

  • Doctors, Nurses and Patients (She loves giving us shots and then band aids to make us feel better.)
  • Buyers and Sellers
  • Bob the Builder and Crew
  • Princesses, Princes and Queens
  • Ballerinas (“Mom turn on the Cracker Not”! aka the Nutcracker)
  • Teachers and Students
  • Drivers (of cars, airplanes, buses and trains)
  • Watchers (of dances in particular)
  • Bakers
  • Babies
  • A wide assortment of animals (She particularly loves being a cat and making her daddy sneeze since he’s allergic.)

How are your kids imagining lately?

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  1. Aw that is so cute! Mine does imaginary play but not so much with roles but rather makes up things with toys and items. For instance, the exercise equipment with the long rope and handle is a gas station.

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