Jul 242013

One of the many drawings found on the floor this last week.

*This post is from a few weeks ago. I finally got around to editing it and posting it now.*

These last couple of weeks kicked our butts! They involved two fevers (thankfully not the baby), three other random ailments, a doctor’s appointment over an hour away, and several nights of Dan working late. And of course the normal newborn craziness – little sleep, lots of diapers, seemingly constant nursing and laundry galore.

The house is a disaster. No really. A disaster. I let our 3-year old have free reign of the art supplies. She literally went through hundreds of pieces of scrap paper – drawing, cutting and taping to her heart’s content (occasionally stopping to blow her nose). There are a few sections of carpet peeking through the paper.

And I so badly want to freak out. To decide things will never get better. To make a list of everything that went wrong (because the above list is really just a start). To justify to the world, in detail, why I feel these weeks have been so hard.

But if those are the things I put in front of me, if that is what I focus on, the next couple of weeks will likely be a repeat. Because it’s really hard for things to get better if I put all the negatives in front of me.

So I’m purposefully choosing a different path. Because it really is a choice. Instead, I will put in front of me…

Our general health. A chubby little boy who’s starting to smile. A gentle big sister who gives her brother random kisses. A husband who helps. Craft supplies that keep our little girl happy while I nurse. The progress of one counter cleaned off.

A Savior who doesn’t give a rip what my floors look like. Who cares much more about my attitude toward my children than whether or not I showered today. A God whose peace passes all understanding.

This is not a glib, everything-will-be-perfect attitude. It’s one where I accept the negative (because let’s face it, I’m gonna be tired for a while – some say the next 18 or so years :)) and accentuate the positive.

*I can now say keeping those things in front of me really did result in a much better last few weeks.*

What do you need to put in front of you this week?



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  1. I really like the concept of putting things in front of you. I’ve been thankful for my kids’ health these last few weeks. It makes the crying and sleep deprivation seem petty in comparison.

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